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We offer a wide variety of products sourced from Manhattan, Kansas and surrounding areas! We take pride being a part of From the Land of Kansas, which means our products are as much as possible local and made in Kansas. Our local raw honey, infused honey, home remedies, beeswax and creamed honey all have the From The Land Of Kansas logo. We know honey bees work hard so we use extreme care to upgrade what they produce into premium products.



We process and make our products from high grade raw materials so you can be at ease, knowing we took special care and caution to ensure an excellent product. If you enjoy eating Local Raw Honey, Creamed Honey or even Infused Honey, you came to the right place. Our Local Raw honey is UN-filtered and will crystallize over time (never heat honey over 140°F). To un-crystallize you can heat honey in a double boiler and make sure no water can get in your honey jar. Our infused honey is exactly that, we take the actual item (like lavender) and infuse it into the honey. We will never use the shortcut of essential oils in our infusions.


We also offer home remedies and beauty products which have been tediously researched and made with care to ensure the highest possible quality product. Our customers use our salves to help alleviate ailments like arthritis and joint pain, muscle cramps, eczema and psoriasis or sunburn to list a few and our deodorants receive high praise.   

RemeBees also provides a variety of handmade soap and shampoo bars with extraordinary lather.  

Artisanal wax items made from 100% local beeswax like candles, wax wraps, and occasionally wax melts can be found at our store as well.

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            Local Raw Honey, Infused Honey, Home Remedies, Beeswax


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