How RemeBees came to be

I am sure our story is not that different from other people who started a small business. My husband has severe arthritis all through his body and in October 2017 we ran out of the salve he used. I contacted relatives in Germany to send some more but it turned out to be rather expensive. Knowing that nothing works better for his arthritis as well as mine, I started to research. What herb do I need? Is it available in the States? Can I process it? How do I make a salve??? A week later, after a lot of research I had an experimental amount to try. Well, whattaya know? It works!! I had other people try and found it helped all of them with various pains.
Since then I have discovered propolis, come up with nine different infused honeys, two cough syrups, eight salves, several tinctures, lotion bars, candles and even furniture polish. In order to sell at a Market I had to register a business, which my husband so graciously took care of for me. My sons came up with the logo, names for remedies, and since I love twists on words RemeBees (Remedies from Bees) was born.
I will keep researching and introducing seasonal flavors and salves. I will have an oil and salve for sunburn (you will wonder why you ever thought Aloe Vera worked), as well as bug repellent lotion bars for the summer.
Now we are blessed to say we work for RemeBees only. We make/ store our products with the care you learn about while becoming a master beekeeper – and some German common sense.
Who knows what we can find to offer you next, so keep on checking in. Don’t forget to leave reviews on the products you tried so we know how we are doing or what could be improved.





Vice President